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We love things with a sense of history, creativity and imagination. Pop in and be inspired as we share some of our ideas and projects for re-using, upcycling and doing life with an economic, environmental conscience!

Lucy (edinburgh) is a regular charity shopper, and picks up vintage finds at salvage yards, in skips and on the street. Stripped pine, floral, 1930-60’s, patchwork, shaker-style, country chic are favoured themes.

Gemma (belfast) has an eye for inspired designer items, and celebrates an eclectic mix of colour, texture and pattern in her home. Salvaging efforts are at times hampered by her side-kick, little Lucia, getting tired and hungry. But they somehow manage to find time to cruise the local hot spots and the world wide web of inspiration.

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  1. Emily-Ann says:

    -Really interesting!!!
    Exciting blog too……I am inspired to make some elderflower cordial and have just requested a trip out to collect the flowers tomorrow! xx

    • sisgem says:

      Thanks for the comment Emily-Ann.. we heart comments! Mmm it may be too late for Elderflower flowers now.. but let us know if you find any. We’ll try to announce the seasonal collecting times for stuff like this so stay tuned! xx

  2. Gem says:

    A comment from an old friend.. I heart blogosphere reunions!
    Rudi Wells:
    HI Guys, not sure you remember me from “the old Days”, but I’m really loving what you’re both doing, there’s something really special about your whole outlook on vintage and salvaging. Your blog is really wonderful especially the salvage wedding entry, the foodie blogs are also pretty awesome! If I make it to where I want to go in the photography world, expect a little request to come decorate my home, you really have an eye for cosy interiors. Catch ya laters, Rudi

  3. Jill says:

    Hi Gemma,

    just updating my database from the visitors book from the ReFound pop-up and got your note.
    thanks for stopping by.

    I had heard of your blog – so its great to see it in all its glory – great stuff!
    Jill, ReFound

    • Gem says:

      Jill, was lovely to meet you before christmas at the souk, spotted some of your stuff in Raspberry Beret today.. whens your next event.. i wanna do a post on it!

  4. christine says:

    Hello ladies! Wanted to stop by and say this is a saweeeet blog you’ve got going on. And also to say a big THANK YOU! for having us on your blog roll, we were traffic from here and then we realise why so we wanted to say that we appreciate it! I’m sure we’ll meet in real life some day in this small world of ours. All the very best, from them two at navyblur Xo

    • Gem says:

      Hey them two!
      Aw pleasure to have found you and to share you with the blog world! Such a dreamy world of pictures.. love what you’re doing! thanks for stopping by.. delighted you noticed the traffic!! gems x

  5. Neetes says:

    Gemma it’s me, Neetes!
    Wow what an amazing blog.
    * Instant add to bookmarks* :)
    Hope you are well hon, I love retro and Vintage!

  6. ReFound says:

    Hi Gemma and Lucy,

    Hope you’re well and life in blogworld is good!

    ReFound would like to invite you to our Pop-up House event on 12 – 13 October – here’s a link to our Facebook event which has all the info (on.fb.me/18ZyZ6r) We’ll be converting our showroom into a cozy domestic setting for a showcase of new vintage-upstyled pieces and gifts and, as it’s our one year opening anniversary month in October, we’ll have cocktails on Saturday evening from 4-6pm! We’d love if you could make it and hope to see you there!

    If you could give it a bit of promotion on your blog and fancied doing a feature on it after the event we’d be really grateful too! And of course we’ll promote links to the posts on your site on our social media, just drop us an email with the link.

    Hope you can make it! Give me a shout if you have any questions, and still lovin’ the blog!

    Georgia @ ReFound x

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