New York 2


Finding that balance between ‘doing stuff’ and ‘relaxing’ on holiday is a tricky one. Here were are in The Big Apple and I’m lying in bed drinking tea and writing a blog pos, which feels very wrong. Today we move from our funky apartment in Brooklyn to a hotel on Central Park, from where we plan to check out more of the hot spots downtown.    Up until yesterday the quintessential American brunch had eluded us, until we ended up finding it, ironically, down The Rabbit Hole. Face puckeringly sweet French toast with strawberries and marscapone, and perfect eggs benedict with hash browns blanketed in salt. Delicious and naughty.    


We continued the food trail in the evening with a meal inspired by my recent reading of Michael Pollan’s latest book, Cooked. A wonderful book exploring the origins and development of bread making, fermentation, barbecue, and braising, neatly captured under the banner of the four elements. Note that barbecue refers exclusively to the use of charcoals to cook pork over an extended period, usually overnight, with the word having been commandeered over time to describe the use of mere grilling in general. Mable’s served us 14-hour grilled brisket and pork shoulder with the customary sides of beans, potato salad, cornbread, and slaw. No feast for the eyes I grant you but this veritable feast was a slice of Southern traditon and we were satisfied. Furthermore, what a novelty to eat food from ugly receptacles. No slates, buckets or chopping boards in sight.  

We caught our first glimpse of the Manhattan skyline last night over cocktails at the rooftop bar in the Whythe hotel. Quite magical. Not content with such viewing pleasures, we made our way to the Highline, an elevated ‘park’ on an old disused train track running above the west side of the city, where stargazers gather weekly to share tips and telescopes. Saturn in all its celestial glory was in full view.    



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  1. Ali says:

    ‘Furthermore, what a novelty to eat food from ugly receptacles. No slates, buckets or chopping boards in sight.’ This made me smile :)

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