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It’s our 10th wedding anniversary and, being young free and single, we felt it appropriate to take flight. Thus we have ended up in this fascinating city, so good they named it twice. 

I haven’t blogged for a while which is usually a direct correlate with levels of inspiration and creativity. So it is interesting that this place seems to be connecting me again with a somewhat muted sense of artistry of late. Don’t get me wrong, New York is to me an overwhelming place full of intense, tech-addicted, people and expansive, expensive spaces. But it is also beautiful and fun in a way that makes me want To see more. 

We have a week to spend here, and after ironing out the standard early holiday tensions surrounding who was in fact expecting what, we are beginning to feel increasingly more at home. My starting point has to be the food, which offers itself in such vast quantities of quality that we are simply compelled to eat out constantly. Never mind the waist line or the bank balance, one simply cannot look past a towering Reuben sandwich, or a perfectly served eggs Benedict, or a Michelin-starred 4 course meal for 35 bucks. A trip to the local supermarket reveals square meters of interesting grains and pulses, local beers, and taut vegetables bathing under a fine mist of spring water. As we speak I am munching on bacon and maple syrup flavoured chips and a local Brooklyn brew of the finest quality. Partly, it’s the area we are staying in, which contains more hipster per acre than anywhere else on the continent (apart from Portland, perhaps). So it follows that the food reeks of trend and modernity, but I certainly don’t object to my inventive cocktail being served by a dude in ironic 80s get-up. 

But it’s not just the food. The architecture is amazing in its variety and scale, the weather is balmy, our light filled loft apartment is cool, the subway is cheap and cheerful. On the other hand, people shout at each other a lot, we have walked for miles, and it isn’t going to be the kind of holiday where one emerges feeling in any way revived or restored from the daily grind. However we shall embrace both sides of the story.  

Such a visual feast demands to be captured, which has resulted in a very uncharacteristic impulse purchase of a point and shoot camera. For those interested, the compact camera market turns out to be a veritable feast of options and I find myself rather impressed with the outcome despite my better judgement, being hitherto a DSLR camera purist. The problem with such puristic tendencies is that one comes home without any good holiday snaps. I’m hoping to add some curated shots to my next post once I figure out the tech but meantime the iPhone does the job…


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  1. Gemma says:

    oh my can you imagine the damage we’d do In that flea!!
    Ps I’ve been looking for a gold L to complete my typography collection for ages.. Nip back and get me that one will take??!!!

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