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Kissing booth!

Let’s be open, I get a little thrill out of the communal love of blog! Who can deny the little flutter that comes with a comment, or a pingback or a ‘pin’ interest..

I’ll have to admit, I seem to be more into reading blogs, blog crawling or creeping as I think its known, than posting at the moment. Its why the Salvage Sisters are a great duo, right sis! What with the Sis upping her photos another notch, the inadequacy is ever greater to be a contributor to the beautiful world of blog.

I just wanted to rave about a few blogs I’ve been creeping lately, with a focus on good old Northern Ireland for today.. and give them more a peck on the cheek, than a snog! Phew.

First up the really and truly ‘Absolutely Glorious’ by Jenny, a fellow East Belfaster, and dreamy, inspiring and i’d say romantic blogger of life. She makes the everyday into something Sugared, Spiced and irresistable. Pop over to see her world of kitsch memorabilia, perfectly placed blooms, and charming muses on life. If you’re left longing for one of her irresistable looking bakes, check out her business Silver Spoon Society.

Next we have the artiste and mad hatter Aly over at Aly McLoughlin Harte. Here you’ll pick up a a dollop of positivity and a dash of the joy in every day in her fabuously honest, and hugely creative musings on the day to day of family life..

Lately, I was given a word up on Mel Wiggins, and all the more keen to read on, when I saw she hails from the Craigavon direction, near where I grew up! Assuming you’re a blog boff if you’re here, you’ll know that comeradery, and joy that comes from having something in common with someone you dont even know and have never met! What is that. Im still not sure. But I’ve been enjoying her adept skill at actually doing the things I intend to, like home made cosmetics and cleaning your house with vinegar, Acting up against Human Trafficking, and i loooove it – ‘Crafternoon Teas‘ for the fellow craft amateur/enthusiasts to unite in a joined purpose to create.

Now for those more reflective moments, when all your inventing, crafting, and thrifting is done I’d say Tell it in Colour, will lift your spirits and poke your positivity, and Steve Stockman’s Soul Surmisewill stir you up, especially if you like to go deeper in the everyday.. his analytical view of life and love through song lyrics is an alka seltzer for the soul..

Kissing booth!


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  1. Mel Wiggins says:

    HELLO!!! Thanks for your comment on my blog & for the mention on here. You guys are wonderful – so nice to hear about new bloggers hailing from the homeland. Maybe you guys could join our thrifty thursday gang? There’s a few of us bloggers from across the UK posting every thursday about a thrifty thing we have done or a little thrifty tip…check through my blog for some ideas and join in if you want! We use twitter a lot to point people to each others’ post using the #thriftythursday hashtag! You’d be more than welcome! x

  2. Aly says:

    I have JUST come across this on google! Blog snog- amazing! Thank you for the mention and use of the term
    Mad hatter in that reference. Truly honoured! Lovin yo style gurls xxx

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