Vignettes 2


Its my day off and i’m fiddling around with the camera again. Today’s set of loved items come once again from around and about my home.

My vintage battered suitcase collection continues to grow. the middle one i picked out of a skip, to my delight i opened it to find a vintage eiderdown. it needed a bit of cleaning obviously but that is up there in my ‘best ever skip finds’ category. i have so many of these suitcases now that i have no idea where the other two came from exactly.

These vintage tiles came from the latest clear out at tullyroan, and i LOVE them! especially this birdie one. i remember mum had a huge collection of these tiles lined up along the conservatory. I am using them at the moment for heat mats, coasters etc, but the possibilites are endless….

This original Brownie camera belonged to my grandfather dalzell. Nanny let me take it away on the proviso that i would find it to be worth loads of money. Every time i go home she asks me how much it is worth, i always tell her not a lot (this is true) but i think she is finding it hard to accept. I was never interested in the funds but the vintage aesthetic, of course.

Whilst planning our wedding on the farm in 2005, i realised that each of the fields are named with beautifully evocative titles. So i used them to name each of the tables, and my auntie gladys painted these stones for us. They now sit one a piece on our stairwell and as i run up and down each day i am reminded of the sense of history behind our family farm. I wonder who thought up such mysterious names? I also have stones for Tam’s garden, Lawson’s meadow, and The tal.

My housemate kathryn made this french memo board for me at christmas. Isn’t it fab?

I am known to have a cushion problem. But i’m ok with that. Here we have another tullyroan salvaged item, i love this cover and have a vast collection of vintage floral cushions. The slip cover was made very amateurishly by me a few years ago. My advice – use a pattern if you ever think to attempt such a complicated task. (i didn’t).

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  1. gemma says:

    LOL re the camera!! If only nanny knew about ebay that would have been long gone!! Lots of old nostalgic relics here given a new life sis.. good work, photos looking looooooovely too.. now, how do i keep up!!

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