Magpie Moments 4: teapot friends


At the risk of this ‘collections’ series being only about tea and related paraphernalia, please bear with me for one more post whilst i pay homage to my dear teapot collection. Begun many years ago, my teapots are all dear to me and have been carefully selected/gifted by various special people and places. Unlike many of my other pointless but endearing collections, this lot actually get an awful lot of use….

A good place to start is the backbone of the series, the staple daily pot that houses a multiplicity of teabags across the daily grind.

This was given to me by my friend Lora, after my original chrome-covered and insulated one belonging to Granny K was sadly smashed to smithereens. These teapots were first produced during the art deco period, and were manufactured under the British makers Everhot and Heatmaster. The ones with Bakelite knobs are very traditional, and worth more.

I have a growing collection of Cornish Blue crockery, and this teapot is the crowning jewel, given to be me by my pal Julie. It was previously my staple daily pot until it sadly got chipped at the spout, hence the rubber appendage as seen in the picture to remedy the resultant wonky pour.

I picked up this Cornish Blue teapot (domino spot range) last weekend in an antique shop in London for £5. Its got a crack at the bottom hence the bargain price, but still holds it’s tea splendidly well!

This little dinky enamel pot was also a gift from Julie, paired with a perfectly fitting vintage tea-cosy all the way from New Zealand. Whilst this little friend gets plenty of use, it has an unfortunate habit of delivering minor burns to the hand of the pourer, enamel being a rapid heat conductor. But a small price to pay for the use of a lovely little traditional pot with a very fine pour…

When it comes to leaf tea, this Avoca pot from sister is just the ticket. Two-tone pink, perfect friends with many of my cosies, and a quality fine filter inside for those sophisticated tea moments.

The most recent addition to the family, this Suki teapot was a gift from my sister-in-law this Christmas. I love the Japanese design, and its stackable! How many teapots can boast such a versatile feature?

Ok, so strictly speaking this is a coffee pot, but i just wanted to highlight the increasing popularity of these Picquotware items, which are going for a pretty penny on ebay at the moment, especially a full set of tea, coffee, cream and sugar pots on an original tray. The line was originally created mainly in the 40s with production continuing to this day, with a full set now retailing at around £500.

Rarely used but important nonetheless, this little one pot Spode ‘flemish green’ series fills a gap in the smaller end of the teapot spectrum. Rarely used because tea for one is an uncommon event around here.

Mentioned in a previous post, this teapot ignited my interest in Catherineholm enamelware. So far my only item, owing to the extreme difficulty of getting ones hands on any of it, this is an ode the charity shop trawl, having picked this up for £1 in a village charity shop in the borders during an idle moment. Too good to use!

More enamelware! This is one of a pair of traditional enamel teapots, the other being bright orange yet still managing to evade me in some unsuspecting corner of the house meaning i haven’t photographed it.

Here endeth the teapot tour!

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  1. Gladys says:

    Prepare yourself in your favourite comfortable seat with your favourite tea and cast your mind to a century or two ago when the nostalgia of tea was still unknown by the Irish peasantry…..the storyteller is William Carlton from the Clogher Valley who grew up there alongside your Granny K and GranPa’s ancestry. Scroll quickly halfway down to 238 and read till 273….The title of the story is Barney Brady’s Goose or Dark Doings at Slathbeg.
    I hope you enjoy :-)
    link below or copy and paste to your search engine:

  2. jenny simon says:

    Enjoyed viewing your teapot collection and even learnt a thing or two in the process! My favourite one has got to be the blue spotty followed closely by the chrome coffee pot. Any chance you are in N.Ireland on the 18th March, you could have the opportunity to view my own lovely teapot collection at my vintage afternoon tea mother’s day event, check it out never a dull moment!

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