I happened upon this beautiful coffee pot last year in a charity shop in the Borders, at the handsome sum of £1. Obviously it has mid-century written all over it. I recently discovered it is actually part of the highly collectable Catherineholm range of enamelware, produced in Norway mainly in the 50’s and 60’s. I love the chance occurrence of buying something special second-hand, which doesn’t happen very often these days with charity shops getting canny about their vintage goods. It looks like i’ll be a while building up any kind of collection as there isn’t much of it in the UK.

So that got me to thinking about the need to be well informed beforehand so that the thrill of stumbling across a collectors item in a charity shop becomes more likely. I then saw this book in Oxfam and quickly swiped it up and have been studying it ever since. Its a highly selected and detailed group of 20th century objets d’art, with some notable omissions (Cornish Blue being close to my heart), but it gives an overview and approximate price for each item, within a broad rane of categories. High end bargain hunting here i come!!

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  1. jenny simon says:

    ah ha yes, good to do the prep work, I too have been spending far too much time in charity shops though I picked up some beautiful hand painted plates this morning which I am going to turn into a cake stand, it’s a terrible thing to drill a hole through such a find, hope it’s not worth anything!

  2. lucy says:

    jenny – how do you drill holes in ceramic? this is something i have been wondering for a while now. i have a few projects in mind but don’t have the requisite DIY skills!

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